April 1980


Receiving 83 of the 124 first-place votes cast, Dave Langford was chosen as the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund delegate to the 1980 Worldcon in Boston. Jim Barker came in second with 38 of the first-place votes. Dave got a clear majority of the votes cast in both the North American and European balloting and is, therefore, the clear winner.

The breakdown of this year's voting is as follows:

North America Europe Total
Dave Langford 44 39 83
Jim Barker 15 23 38
Hold Over Funds 1 1 2
Norman Shorrock (write-in)   0   1   1
total votes cast 60 64 124

The following fans sent ballots to the North American TAFF Administrator, Terry Hughes (me):

Dave Anderson
Richard Bergeron
Bill Bowers
Linda Bushyager
Marty Cantor
Lea M. Day
Gary Deindorfer
Lise Eisenberg
Moshe Feder
George Flynn
Donald Franson
Mike Glicksohn
Claire Graham
Arthur D. Hlavaty
Linda K. Karrh
Joyce Katz
David K. M. Klaus
Lesleigh Luttrell
Barbara Pavlov
Elayne Pelz
Kennedy Poyser
Boyd Raeburn
Ron Salomon
Stuart Shiffman
Joe T. Staton
Suzanne V. Tompkins
Karen Trego
Henry Troup
Taral Wayne
Alan Winston

Harry Andruschak
Alan L. Bostick
Charles Burbee
Ron Bushyager
Douglas Carroll
Al deBettencourt, Jr.
Mark K. Digre
Gary Farber
jan howard finder
John Foyster
Alexis A. Gilliland
Seth Goldberg
Irwin Hirsh
M. David Johnson
Arnie Katz
Jerry A. Kaufman
Dennis Lien
John L. Millard
Bruce Pelz
Andy Porter
Sarah S. Prince
William Rotsler
Joyce Scrivner
Hilarie Staton
Curt Stubbs
Bruce Townley
Gregg T. Trend
Victoria Vayne
George Wells
Susan Wood

In winning TAFF, Dave Langford succeeds Peter Roberts as the European TAFF Administrator. Donations of funds and/or auctionable materials as well as offers of places to stay while on his TAFF trip should be sent to:

Dave Langford
22 Northumberland Ave.
Reading, Berkshire RG2 7PW
United Kingdom

If you have any questions or desire further information regarding TAFF, please contact either Dave or myself. By the way, I have a new address:

Terry Hughes
6205 Wilson Blvd, #102
Falls Church, Virginia 22044

While it is still too early to take any action, I want to remind you that it won't be too many months before nominations will be open for the 1981 TAFF delegate. This North American fan will attend the 1981 Eastercon in Britain. Any North American fan choosing to stand must have three (3) North American nominators and two (2) European nominators. Details with regard to dates and so forth will be released at a later time.

To return to this year's TAFF election, I would like to thank all of you for voting, but I want to extend a special thank you to Joyce Scrivner and jan howard finder for the enormous amount of work each has done to benefit TAFF during the past year. Joyce and jan, your help has been greatly appreciated.

Congratulations, Dave!