Two Times TAFF 3

is a special Novacon issue of the newsletter that keeps you up to date with all things TAFFish and bores you rigid by telling you once more that TAFF still stands for the Transatlantic Fan Fund and still exists to promote links between North American and European fandom (one day I'll slip Peru in there somewhere and no-one will even notice - until the first snapshots of the llamas come back.)

So you read it in Critical Wave first

Yes, for once Critical Wave's TAFF story is true. The next race really will take place in August/September 1991 and a bright sparkly European delegate really will be sent to represent us all at the next American Worldcon in Chicago.

More to the point, that delegate could even be you. Anyone can stand for TAFF providing they can find three Europeans and two Americans willing to nominate them, and post a bond for £5 to confirm their serious intentions. Of course it helps if you have some contact with American fandom, and your fellow fans like and respect you (but that's never stopped anyone before). In any case, you don't have to have been in fandom for donkeys years and you don't have to be a fanzine fan. It doesn't even matter if you've been to America before. All that counts is that you have been doing something of note in fandom, and that fans in your own country and the receiving country think you are worthy of the honour.

Alternatively, for the more modest amongst you (are there any such in fandom?), maybe you'd like to nominate the person you think would make a really good TAFF delegate, or at least indulge in some gentle arm-twisting and cajolery to convince them to stand.

Make 1990 a year to remember...

...says the air miles brochure in front of me. Or in the case of TAFF 1991. Since a large proportion of TAFF expenditure goes on travel we thought collecting unwanted air miles would be a good way to raise some extra money. Admittedly we need to collect 7,800 Air Miles to fly a candidate out to Chicago from London, but even a proportion of this total could be used for shorter trips, for example to help a North American delegate visit some fannish centre in Europe. In any case, Air Miles are available on a variety of products.

Current participating companies include :

Alfred Marks Fuji Secrets
Allied Carpets Goodbye Chemicals Shell
Automobile Association Hanimex Holiday Inn
Barrat International Resorts Hertz Skol lager, Castlemaine
British Gas Holiday Inn XXXX, Swan Light
Burton Retail Keesing Puzzle Books Tetley Bitter
Cadbury's chocolate eclairs Langs Supreme Whisky Superdrive
Champion Sport Little Chef Top Man
Comet NatWest Access/Visa Toshiba
Commodore Polycell United Agricultural
Daily Express Principles Merchants
Debenhams Radius Video Vacations
Dorothy Perkins Royal Life Vivitar

Air Miles Vouchers are transferable as a gift, so if you find yourself handed any in the course of your Christmas purchases, and aren't collecting them yourself, why not send them on to TAFF?



Direct Sales

The following are a random selection of publications that we're selling on a first come first served basis either at Novacon or by mail (postage and packing 20p per item, or free for orders of over £5) Cheques payable to Lilian Edwards please.

Fifty pence per item

British Fantasy Newsletter Vol 13 no 2, Vol 13 no. 3, Vol 14 no. 1, Vol 14 no. 2

Dark Horizons no 29 & 30 ed. David Sutton. Mixture of fantasy fiction & analysis

Hearts of Darkness -- Poems of the fantastic and macabre ed. Nic Howard 1983

The Book of Gold : The newsletter on Gene Wolfe and his works ed. Jeremy Crampton

Aussiecon Two Film Notes Find out if the films at Aussie worldcons are the same as anywhere else

Caprician 3 ed. Lilian Edwards & Christina Lake. Includes articles by Dave Langford and Zy Nicholson

Yuppie Terrorist Reprisals Hit Bristol ed. Christina Lake & Peter-Fred Thompson. Bristol-based genzine

Balloons Over Bristol 1 ed. Christina Lake & Peter-Fred Thompson. As above.

Free Lunch 4 Parting shot from Mike Christie & Sherry Coldsmith before they left these shores. Features the infamous deconstruction of John Clute's vocabulary

Specific Levity of Corflu Five eds. Shelley Dutton Berry & Steven C. Berry. One shot fanzine to prove that from little fanzine conventions little fanzines grow

Uncle Dick's Little Thing ed. Richard H E Smith. Out of date gossip with a suggestive title

Holier Than Thou 24 ed. Marty & Robbie Cantor. 70pp of fun. Articles by Linda Blanchard, Skel & many others

Outworlds 55-58 ed. Bill Bowers. Repository of famous (and not so famous) veterans, Americans & Skel

YHOS 43, 44 & 46 ed. Art Widner. America's answer to Dave Wood pastes in letters and articles from more of those famous Americans and Skel

SwedeIshes : Illustrated Fanthology of Swedish Fan-Writing ed. Ahrvid Engholm 1987 in English. All feuds removed in the translation.

One pound per item

Chocolates of Lust 2 ed. Phil Palmer. Visually inventive genzine featuring Nick Lowe's top ten lavatories and Geoff Ryman in the pre-AIDS gay scene

Get Stuffed 7 : Apa for soft toys, featuring writing from toys belonging to Maureen Porter, Pam Wells and many others too shy to put their name here

Pirate Jenny 2 ed. Pat Mueller. Successor to Texas SF Enquirer, featuring articles on hard SF and 'The Robert L. Fanthorpe revival'

Lan's Lantern 27 ed. George Laskowski A mind-boggling 136 pages long. More on R.L. Fanthorpe, more on Star Trek the Next Generation, more on almost anything you can think of...

New Worlds 189 : Stories by Ellison, Ballard, Aldiss, D.M. Thomas etc.

New Worlds 190 : Stories by Aldiss, Moorcock, Harrison & Dr. Christopher Evans

SPECIAL OFFER -- Fanzine trial pack : a pack of six assorted fanzines for £1 (post free)

TWO-TIMES TAFF 3 is the newsletter of the European administrators of the Transatlantic Fan Fund who are Lilian Edwards and Christina Lake. All queries, contributions and purchases should be addressed to them at 47 Wessex Avenue, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 0DE