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Fandom in the UK: 1939-1945

Rob Hansen

ISBN 978-1-913451-64-6

Another massive fanhistorical compilation by Rob Hansen, this time focusing on British fandom during World War Two. Homefront brings together a great many first-hand accounts of wartime experience through fannish eyes, showing how the lines of communication between fans continued during that huge national disruption – and so, somehow, did the fannish sense of humour. Ansible Editions ebook added to the TAFF free library on 1 February 2020. 161,500 words. Updated April 2020 and July 2021 to add newly discovered articles (see copyright page); now 163,500 words.

The cover photo shows the remains of The Red Bull, the first pub to host London fandom’s meetings, after it was destroyed during an air raid on 16 April 1941. Photo courtesy of Holborn Library.

To accompany Homefront, Rob Hansen has set up an online photo gallery of fans in uniform during World War Two.