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Fanzines in Theory and in Practice

D. West

ISBN 978-1-913451-56-1

Fanzines in Theory and in Practice: Collected Articles 1976-1982 is a monumental collection of fanwriting by Don West, first published in 1984 and including the remarkable long essay “Performance” which was the basis of a much-repeated and much-applauded dramatic rendition by Geoff Ryman. Don’s son Mick West produced the PDF version added to the TAFF site on 20 January 2019; Ansible Editions ebooks in the usual formats were added on 1 February. Ebook cover cartoon by Don West, illustrating his article “Fandom and Fanzines” for the Skycon Programme Book (Easter 1978). 99,400 words.

Many thanks to Hazel Ashworth West, Graham West and Mick West for permission to add Fanzines in Theory and in Practice to this site; and to Pat Charnock and Rob Hansen for diligent proofreading.

See also our man’s second massive collection: Deliverance from 1995.

Mick West’s PDF, scanned from the duplicated first edition of Fanzines in Theory and in Practice, is very large – roughly 103Mb – and can be downloaded with the button below. The PDF button above offers a much smaller (and dare I say it, more legible) PDF converted from the ebook edition.