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Eric Bentcliffe

ISBN 978-1-913451-95-0

Eric Bentcliffe (1927-1992) was a UK fan associated with the Liverpool SF Society, publishing such fanzines as Space Times (1952-1954 with Eric Jones), Triode (1954-1977 with Terry Jeeves) and Bastion (1960-1962). He was the 1960 westbound TAFF winner, travelling to that year’s Worldcon – Pittcon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – and subsequently making the traditional tour of the US fan scene. In 1961 he published this prompt report of his adventures.

Epitaff refers several times to Sir William Makepeace Harrison, that fan-fictional legend of the British Empire in its glory days, whose exploits appeared in Triode and Bastion and have already been collected as the TAFF ebook The Harrison Saga (2022).

First published as an Ansible Editions ebook for the TAFF site on 1 February 2023, with cover art by Eddie Jones. 48,000 words. Updated April 2023 to add Salvo, a thank-you note and Bentcliffe briefing distributed to US fans before his TAFF trip: now 49,500 words.

• Details of the 1960 TAFF race and voting can be found here.