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Creative Random Harris

Chuck Harris

ISBN 978-1-913451-77-6

Chuck Harris (1927-1999) was active in fandom in the 1950s as a founding editor of the legendary fanzine Hyphen (where he wrote the “Random” column), and returned to the fannish scene in 1984. His letters, full of hilarious, scabrous and generally irresponsible anecdotes, were re-edited as the “Creative Random History” column in many issues of Pulp (1984-1989) and distributed in his own round-robin compilations Quinsy (later just Q) and Charrisma; similar columns also appeared in other fanzines.

For this ebook, Rob Hansen and David Langford have assembled a huge mass of Chuck’s articles and correspondence, some never before published. Additional material includes an introductory appreciation written in 1989 by his lifelong friend Walt Willis, a historical foreword by Rob Hansen, and various notes and explications by David Langford.

Added to the TAFF site on 31 March 2021. Cover photo of Sue and Chuck Harris in 1989 (as special guests of Corflu 6) by Geri Sullivan. Over 276,000 words. Updated May 2023 to add a previously untraced article: now over 277,000 words.