1979 TAFF Ballot

WHAT IS TAFF? The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund was created in 1953 for the purpose of providing funds to bring well-known and popular fans across the Atlantic. Since that time, TAFF has regularly brought overseas fans to the USA and sent American fans to European conventions. TAFF exists solely through the support of fandom. The candidates are voted on by interested fans all over the world, and each vote is accompanied by a donation of no less than one dollar. These votes, and the continued interest of fans are what makes TAFF possible.

Who may vote? Voting is open to anyone who was active in fandom (clubs, fanzines, conventions etc.) prior to July, 1977, and who contributes at least a dollar (or equivalent) to the fund. Contributions in excess of the minimum will be gratefully accepted. Only one vote per person is allowed, no proxy votes, and you MUST sign your ballot. Details of voting will be kept secret, and write-ins are permitted. Money orders and cheques should be payable to the administrators, not to TAFF.

DEADLINE: Votes must reach the administrators by April 14, 1979.

Voting details: TAFF uses the Australian system which guarantees an automatic runoff and a majority win. You rank the candidates in the exact order you wish to vote. If the leading first-class [sic] candidate does not get a majority, the first place votes of the lowest-ranking candidate are dropped, and the second-place votes on those ballots are counted. This process goes on until one candidate has a majority. IT IS THEREFORE IMPORTANT TO VOTE FOR SECOND, THIRD, ETC. PLACE ON YOUR BALLOT. It is also a waste of time to put one name in more than one place.

Hold Over Funds: This choice, similar to "No Award" in Hugo balloting, gives the voter the chance to vote for no TAFF trip if the candidates do not appeal to him or her, or if he or she feels that TAFF should slow down its program of trips. "Hold over funds" may be voted for in any position you wish, just as if it were a another candidate.

Donations: TAFF needs continuous donations of money, and materials to be auctioned, in order to exist. If you are ineligible to vote, or do not feel qualified to vote, why not donate anyway?

Candidates: Each candidate has promised, barring acts of God, to travel to the 37th World Science Fiction Convention in England. They have posted bond and provided signed nominations and platforms which are reproduced on the other side of this sheet along with the ballot.





Roy Tackett,
915 Green Valley Rd. NW,
Albuquerque, NM 87107 USA

Peter Roberts
38 Oakland Dr.
Dawlish, Devon, U.K.


side 2:


Fred Haskell

Fred Haskell stumbled into fandom in 1962 and has been actively involved in convention, club and publishing fandom pretty much ever since. He freequently brings his guitars to cons and can be found entertaining poeople long into the night. He was one of the Floundering Fathers of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society (Minn-stf). He has been or still is in APA 45, Minneapa, and AZAPA; has published a number of genzines; and was editor of the Minn-stf clubzine, Rune, for two years. He was nominated for a FAAn Award forRune 48. Well-rounded, indeed!

Nominated by: Malcolm Edwards, Denny Lien, Dave Piper, Suzle Tompkins and Bob Vardeman.

Terry Hughes

Still (since 1971) publishes Mota after 25+ issues and several hundred typoes. Co-edited (with Chris Couch) the bi-weekly High Times (1972). Member APA 45 (1972), OMPA (1977), FAPA (1975 on). Frequent letterhack & contributor to various fanzines. Attended first convention in 1969 (St Louiscon) and has gone to several each year since, including 1978 Autoclave (as Guest of Honour). Serves as Assistant Editor for Amazing, Fantastic & Science Fiction Five-Yearly. Possesses a nose of legendary proportions and has a matching set of ears. Life-long ambitions include winning the Olympic gold medal for javelin catching and being selected TAFF delegate to Seacon.

Nominated by: Harry Bell, Pat Charnock, Lee Hoffman, Hank Luttrell and Tom Perry.

Suzanne Tompkins

Way back in the late 1960s, Suzanne Tomkins co-founded the Western Pennsylvania Science Fiction Association, co-edited Granfalloon, and co-started Pghlange, Pittsburgh's own regional convention. In the early 1970s, she moved to New York City where she co-inhabited the Avocado Pit and co-edited a Hugo-nominated fanzine, The Spanish Inquisition. Today, Suzle lives in Seattle and is running for TAFF on her own.

Nominated by: Linda Bushyager, Fred Haskell, Terry Jeeves, Rosemary Pardoe and Susan Wood.

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I vote for (list 1, 2, 3, 4)

__________ Fred Haskell

__________ Terry Hughes

__________ Suzanne Tompkins

__________ Hold Over Funds


Name (Please print)


Enclosed is ________ as a contribution to TAFF

If you think your name may not be known to the administrators, in order to qualify for voting, please give the name and address of a fan or fan group to whom you are known: