TAFF Ballot 1966


The candidates:



Taff this year is inaugurating (as are the Hugo awards) the Australian Ballot, a vote counting technique with a built-in runoff count: On the first 'ballot' only first place votes are counted; then, if of 125 votes five candidates get 35-30-25-20-15, the last one is dropped and the second choices of his 15 supporters become first-place votes distributed between the remaining four candidates; this procedure is repeated until the leading candidate has over 50% of the vote, thus assuring a majority winner.

When voting, rank the candidates in the exact order in which you prefer them: "P is my first choice, but if he loses the first ballot then Q is my second choice; if he's eliminated, then I'd prefer X, then Y, then Z." If you don't rank them all the way, you forfeit your vote if the ones you do list are eliminated.

"Hold Over Funds"

Also new this year is the candidate with the strange name of "Hold Over Funds". This choice, similar to a "No Award" vote in Hugo balloting, gives the voter the opportunity to vote for no Taff trip in a given year/campaign in the event that either the candidates don't appeal strongly enough to him or he feels that TAFF should slow down on its program in order to build stronger interest in the campaigns that are held. "Hold Over Funds" may be listed first, second, third, fourth or fifth place, just like any other candidate, and the votes will be counted accordingly. If the final, majority vote is against sending a candidate that year/campaign, funds will be held over for the next election.

Continuing Voting Rules:

Under no circumstances may a fan vote more than once or enter one candidate's name more then once on a ballot. Illegal ballots may be voided by the Administrators. Details of voting will be kept secret. Write-in votes are permitted. No proxy votes are allowed; each voter must sign his own ballot.

Each candidate has promised that barring acts of God he will travel to the convention in Cleveland, Ohio in 1966 if elected. In addition, they have posted bond and provided signed nominations. Their platforms are on the reverse of this sheet.

Votes must reach one of the two Administrators on or before April 13, 1966. The result of the election will be announced as soon as possible after this date.

Arthur Thomson, 17 Brockham House, Brockham Drive, London, SW.2, England

Terry Carr, 35 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11201, USA

To be eligible to vote you must contribute a minimum of five shillings (5/-) or one dollar ($1.00) to the fund, and have been active in fandom prior to September 1964. Contributions in excess of the minimum will be gratefully accepted. Any normal form of currency, money orders or cheques should be payable to the administrator receiving your ballot -- Not, please, to TAFF.

If you think your name may not be known to the Administrators, please give here the name and address of a fan or fan group to whom you are known:

Reproductions of this form are authorized and encouraged, provided the wording is reproduced verbatim.

(first place)

(second place)

(third place)

(fourth place)

(fifth place)




side 2:


Eric Jones

Eric Jones, Grand Master of the Noble Order of St. Fantony, Hon. ex-chairman of the Liverpool group, founder and mainstay of the Cheltenham SF group, Chairman of the 1961 British National Convention (The LXICON), editor of TRIODE and CON-SCIENCE, editor and publisher of SIDEREAL and PROGRESS, publisher of SPACE-TIMES, producer of the tapera "TYPO", inveterate convention goer ... Eric has missed only one British convention since 1951, and he's talked and drunk his way through all the others genially and pleasantly. A fine personality, a noble TAFF candidate. Accept no substitutes -- he's an all-round fan.

Nominated by: Eric Bentcliffe, Walter A. Willis, Terry Jeeves, Dick Eney and Rick Sneary.

Thomas Schlück

At 22 years of age Tom Schlück is already acknowledged to be a giant among s-f fans. Active in German fandom since 1959, Tom has been the leading link between continental and English-speaking fandoms. He has produced some 25 issues of the German fanzine SOL, of which five were entirely in English. He has regularly attended German conventions, was a Committee member of the 1964 Marquartstein "Castlecon", and has made many friends during his journeys to Britain. A vote for Tom would be a vote truly in keeping with the finer aspects of international fandom.

Nominated by: Ron Bennett, Ethel Lindsay, H. Ken Bulmer, Harry Warner and Ron Ellik.

Bo Stenfors

For years and years Bo has been one of Swedish fandom's most active and well liked members, as well as its probably best known representative outside Scandinavia. When it comes to things fannish, you name it ... Bo's a whizz at it. His artistic talent (remember his fanzines SEXY VENUS, CANDY FANTASY), along with his writing ability and faculty for mixing successfully with all kinds of people, insure that if elected Bo will be the ultimate TAFFman -- and just think of the illustrations he could draw for his trip report!

Nominated by: Carl Brandon Jr., Ken Cheslin, Sture Sedolin, Buck & Juanita Coulson and Lynn Hickman.

Pete Weston

Pete Weston is one of the newer British fans, but already he has made a mark for himself. He was one of the revitalizers of the Birmingham club two years ago, and last year his fanzine ZENITH SPECULATION won a Hugo nomination at the London Worldcon. He is a member of the British Science Fiction Association and Offtrail Magazine Publishers Association (OMPA). He is a tall, scholarly looking chap who can discuss science fiction with great knowledgability. He is also an instantly likable and an excellent mixer, with a quiet but keen sense of humour. Pete would be an asset to any American fan gathering.

Nominated by: Rog Peyton, Charles Winstone, Joe Patrizio, Al Lewis and Ted White.