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Selected TAFF reports and other fannish memorabilia in ebook form. Hover over or click any title for more information. Click a Choose Ebook Format button to select your preferred format, then Download your choices. If you enjoy these ebooks and would like to show appreciation, donations to TAFF are always welcome! Any queries? See the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Available titles (54) – Epub and PDF-only.


  Bob Shaw – The Full Glass Bushel (all the Hyphen articles)

  Algis Budrys – A Budrys Miscellany: Occasional Writing 1960-2000 (uncollected material)

  Rob Hansen (editor) – Homefront: Fandom in the UK 1939-1945 (wartime reportage)

  Walt Willis & James White – Beyond the Enchanted Duplicator (sequel to The Enchanted Duplicator)

  Walt Willis – The Willis Papers (fanzine articles 1948-1959)

  Harry Warner Jr – All Our Yesterdays: The Fanzine Columns (first collected 1991 by Chuck Connor)

  Rob Hansen (editor) – Challenging Moskowitz (fan reactions to The Immortal Storm)

  Bob Shaw – The Serious Scientific Talks (as delivered at many conventions)

  Rob Jackson (editor) – Tyne Capsule (Gannetfandom fanthology first published 2015)

  Anonymous (mostly) – The Astral Leauge Dossier (the infamous Leauge and JLAS flyers)

  Walt Willis (editor) – Hyphen 37 (the famous 1987 revival issue)

  Rob Hansen & Vince Clarke (editors) – THEN Again: A UK Fanhistory Reader (as told by the history makers)

  Stephanie A. Smith and Jeanne Gomoll (editors) – Remembering Vonda (memories of Vonda N. McIntyre)

  Archie Mercer – The Meadows of Fantasy (humorous novel of fandom from 1965)

  Charles Platt (editor) – The Complete Patchin Review (controversial 1981-1985 critical journal)

  Vincent Omniaveritas (editor) – The Complete Cheap Truth (Bruce Sterling's 1980s "samizdat" fanzine)

  Terry Carr – Fandom Harvest II (a great deal more of his best fanwriting)

  Terry Carr – Fandom Harvest (some of his best fanwriting)

  Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer (editors) – A TAFF Guide to Beer (in celebration of the 2019 eastbound TAFF race)

  Francis T. Laney – Ah! Sweet Idiocy! (1948 memoir and polemic about Los Angeles SF Society)

  D. West – Deliverance (his second major fanwriting collection)

  Jim Mowatt – Wherever I Lay My Hat! (2013 TAFF report)

  D. West – Fanzines in Theory and in Practice (major fanwriting collection)

  David Langford – Don't Try This At Home (Langford convention reports 1976-2014)

  John Brosnan and Leroy Kettle – The Dirty Movie Book (no-holds-barred cinematic humour)

  Peter Roberts et al (editors) – The Complete Checkpoint (all 111 issues 1969-1979)

  A. Vincent Clarke – Ex-Inchmery Fan Diary (confessional)

  R. Lionel Fanthorpe – Down the Badger Hole (showcase with bibliography by Debbie Cross)

  John Brosnan – You Only Live Once (collected fan writing)

  Leroy Kettle – True Rat: The Beast of Leroy Kettle (his best fanwriting)

  Ron Bennett (editor) – The Complete Skyrack (All 96 issues 1959-1971)

  Rob Hansen (editor) – The Frank Arnold Papers (collected nonfiction by Frank Arnold)

  Graham Charnock (editor) – Running Amok in the Fun Factory (UK convention reports)

  Bill (William F.) Temple – Temple at the Bar (Fanzine writing)

  Greg Pickersgill – Can't Get Off the Island (selected fanwriting 1970-2005)

  David Langford (editor) – Ansible Second Series 2001-2010 (issues 162-281)

  David Langford (editor) – TAFF Trip Report Anthology (unfinished reports)

  David Langford (editor) – Ansible Second Series 1991-2000 (issues 51-161)

  Walt Willis – Fanorama (Nebula columns on fandom)

  James Bacon – WorldConNomicon (2004 TAFF trip report)

  John Berry – The Goon Omnibus (Goon Defective Agency fanfiction)

  Walt Willis – The Harp at Chicon (1952 trip report classic)

  Rob Hansen – The Reaffirmation (“pseudo-sequel” to The Enchanted Duplicator)

  A. Vincent Clarke – A Vince Clarke Treasury (collected fan writing)

  David Langford (editor) – Ansible First Series 1979-1987 (issues 1-50)

  David Langford (editor) – Wrath of the Fanglord (1998 personal fanthology)

  H. Ken Bulmer – TAFF Tales (1955 TAFF trip report)

  Chris Evans (editor) – Conspiracy Theories (1987 symposium)

  Rob Hansen – On the TAFF Trail (1984 TAFF trip report)

  David Langford – The TransAtlantic Hearing Aid (1980 TAFF trip report)

  Peter Roberts – New Routes in America (1977 TAFF trip report)

  Jim Theis – The Eye of Argon (1970 fanfiction “classic”)

  Walt Willis & Bob Shaw – The Enchanted Duplicator (1954 fanfiction classic)

  Chris Garcia – Rockets Across the Waters (2008 TAFF trip report)