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A small selection of TAFF reports and other fannish memorabilia in ebook form. Hover over any title for more information; click on title to see the cover design. Click a Choose Ebook Format button to select your preferred format, then Download your choices. If you enjoy the result and would like to show appreciation, donations to TAFF are always welcome! Any queries? See the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Available Titles – Epub

  H. Ken Bulmer – TAFF Tales (1955 TAFF trip report)

  A. Vincent Clarke – A Vince Clarke Treasury (Collected fan writing)

  Chris Evans (editor) – Conspiracy Theories (1987 symposium)

  Rob Hansen – On the TAFF Trail (1984 TAFF trip report)

  Rob Hansen – The Reaffirmation ("Pseudo-sequel" to The Enchanted Duplicator)

  David Langford – Ansible First Series 1979-1987 (first 50 issues of the infamous newszine)

  David Langford – The TransAtlantic Hearing Aid (1980 TAFF trip report)

  David Langford (editor) – Wrath of the Fanglord (1998 personal fanthology)

  Peter Roberts – New Routes in America (1977 TAFF trip report)

  Jim Theis – The Eye of Argon (1970 fanfiction “classic”)

  Walt Willis & Bob Shaw – The Enchanted Duplicator (1954 fanfiction classic)

• Rob Hansen’s THEN (History of UK fandom 1930-1980: free ebook withdrawn to avoid confusion with the new, much expanded 2016 edition)